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How to clean your block paved driveway

1 August 2016
driveways leeds

So you’ve invested in a block paved driveway or path, so how can you keep it looking it’s best for the years to come?

Here’s our quick guide to help you keep on top of your driveway maintenance.

1. Once a month take a walk over your block paved driveway or path and see if you can find any weeds or grass in the cracks. Remove these using a trowel. If you want to use a weed killer, check the label on the bottle to make sure it won’t stain your paving and do a patch test (perhaps under a plant pot?) first.

2. Dirt and dust will build up on your driveway each week, so do buy a firm, strong outdoor broom for the job. This is one that even the kids can help with, and it stops dirt from packing down.

3. For home cleaning you don’t need a pressure washer. You can simply use warm water and household detergent. Use your strong bristle broom to scrub the blocks and then hose it down clean. Do this once a month to keep your driveways looking super swish.

4. If you do decide to use a pressure washer, make sure you use no more than a 30 degree angle and apply even pressure across your driveway.

5. If you notice big gaps between the joints, call on us and we can recommend the right type of sand to use to fill these in. Never use sawdust.

Ready to get your driveway cleaned and up to scratch? Why not contact us today and get a quote on our professional driveway cleaning services…

Our cleaning services are great for patios, paths and driveways Leeds and beyond.

Recommend a Friend for a driveway in Leeds and get £50 cash

12 July 2016
driveway in Leeds

Know someone who wants a new driveway? Refer them to us and we’ll give you £50 cash.

We’ve worked with fantastic customers for over twenty years, and have had the pleasure of completing exciting outdoor projects of every type.

Quite often our customers find us by word of mouth – so we’d like to reward the people that refer us to their friends by offering a cash back incentive.

How does Recommend A Friend work?

All you have to do is send us the details of your friend that would like a driveway in Leeds, or the surrounding Yorkshire area.

Use our Contact page to send us their details, and yours, and if they sign up for a driveway (and have it completed within six months) you’ll get £50 once the job is complete. That’s all there is to it.

Thank you to our loyal customers who continue to tell their friends and neighbours about our work, we look forward to hearing from you very soon. Full terms and conditions are available when you contact us.

We’re a top recommended business on Checkatrade

21 June 2016
driveways companies in Leeds

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been interviewed, vetted and are now one of the top rated driveways companies in Leeds on Checkatrade.

Checkatrade are the leading source of information on tradespeople in the UK. They run strict background checks on tradespeople before they can become members, and we were interviewed by their team who also ran security checks on our insurance, reliability and indentity.

With over 40 reviews on the website now, we’re rated the top driveways company in Leeds, beating 52 companies to the title.

You can see our Checkatrade profile online here, and we welcome reviews for customers past and present… and future!

Ready to work with the top rated driveways company in the Leeds area? Give us a call today on 0113 222 4319 and find out why our customers love us.

Why choose a patio?

5 May 2016
patios Leeds

With summer on its way, we’re seeing more requests for patios than ever before. But what are the benefits of choosing a patio for your home?

Boost your property’s value

Lots of buyers are looking for homes where they can enjoy the benefits of having indoor and outdoor entertainment and recreation areas, so a patio is perfect for adding value to your house whether you’re looking to sell now or in the future.

Easy to maintain

With just a monthly sweep and weed, patios can look great for years to come with minimum effort, making it a great garden choice for anyone who isn’t keen on spending their weekends cleaning.

Expanded living area

We don’t always get the best weather in Yorkshire, but having a patio expands your options for dining, entertaining or just relaxing. Strong and stable patios are ideal for outdoor furniture, a rotary laundry rack, a shed or having a BBQ, so why not think about adding one to your home?

Ready to invest in a patio for your home? Got ideas, or need some design advice? We’re the leading installer of patios Leeds. Call 0113 222 4319 and we can help you investigate patio solutions for your home.

Is a gravel driveway the right choice for my home?

18 April 2016
Gravel 12

The crunching of gravel as you approach your home is a satisfying sound, but is it the right choice for your home?

There are certainly a number of advantages to choosing a gravel driveway, and lots of our customers are keen to learn about the benefits of a gravel drive for their home.

Advantages include:

- Gravel driveways are low maintenance with just a regular spray of weed killer to keep on top of

- Gravel driveways give an added defense to your home as you can hear unwanted visitors approaching

- There’s a wide selection of gravel varieties and designs to choose from

- Gravel driveways give a charming rustic look, especially in countryside locations

- Gravel driveways are suitable for vehicle use thanks to our interlocking grid system underneath

- Gravel is permeable, so rainwater will penetrate and replenish groundwater with no problems


You do, however, need to consider the following when deciding on whether to install a gravel driveway:

- Is your driveway on a slope? You need a relatively even surface for gravel to prevent gravel for sliding out of place

- Are you in an area prone to ice and snow? Removing snow from textured surfaces can be tricky, so if you live in the higher up parts of the UK you may struggle with gravel

If you’re considering a gravel driveway for your home, why not talk to our consultants? They have over 20 years’ experience and can discuss your options with you to get the look and function you’re looking for.

Why artificial grass in Leeds is growing in popularity

23 March 2016
artificial grass in Leeds

We’re seeing a growing rise in demand for artificial grass in Leeds gardens – so why are people turning to manmade lawns for their homes?

Growing a lawn can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour, so artificial grass is a great option for anyone who wants long lasting greenery for their home.

New customers often come to us with concerns about artificial grass in Leeds, but with the latest advances in this technology it really is a safe and reliable option for many. Here we address some of the common FAQs when it comes to artificial grass:

Is it suitable for my pets?

Dogs and cats are usually more than happy to play on artificial grass. It’s soft enough for them to enjoy it, but hard-wearing enough that they won’t be able to dig holes. If your pets do ‘go’ on the an artificial lawn then you can easily clean up with warm soapy water and your grass won’t die.

Is it suitable for my children?

Because you don’t need pesticides or chemicals to keep your lawn it’s safe for children to play on too. If you want to put a wendyhouse or trampoline on there you do not need to fear killing off your grass – it’ll stay durable and green.

Can it save me money?

You don’t need to water your lawn or buy expensive fertilising chemicals when you have artificial grass, so if you’re on a water meter this could provide money savings as well as time. It’s estimated that 75% of water use is used for garden maintenance, so a hosepipe ban won’t affect you anymore and it’s better for the environment.

How much maintenance will it need?

Far less than a real grass lawn. You’ll never need a lawnmower again! All you need to do is give it a quick hoover your space every now and again to keep it looking its best.

Are you looking to install artificial grass in Leeds? Not sure whether it’s right for your home? Contact us on  0113 222 4319 and our consultants can talk to you about the outdoor space of your dreams.

Eco-friendly paving available now

14 January 2016
Patio 7

Our new range of eco-friendly paving is now available, it’s been a while coming but worth the wait.

ECOsett & ECOsett solo – available in a range of colour combinations offering a solution for every home.

We have called the new range ‘ECO‘ because of the environmental benefits. The manufacturing process uses less energy than conventional sett paving plus we are wrapping it in a plain plastic sleeves, therefore not printing with oil based ink – reducing the carbon footprint even further.

Further benefits are that is gives a smooth finish with smaller gaps – so less chance of weeds growing and little chance of moss forming because of the tighter joints.

Why not call into our showroom at Horsforth and take a look for yourself?