Silky Smooth Surfacing

All of our Tarmac driveways are designed to be durable and withstand heavy traffic.

In order to achieve the perfect finish with a Tarmac driveway the secret lies in the preparation:


By ensuring a suitable base of hardcore is laid (to a depth of approximately 180mm) this provides an excellent key for a base layer of bitumen coated 20mm limestone. This is normally laid to a thickness of 65-90mm and hand rolled whilst hot.

Dense wearing course, 6mm bitumen coated limestone, is then normally laid approximately 30mm thick, as a finishing coat. A smoother surface is created by using the tight binding qualities of the smaller gravel.

We finish by hand around the edges, drains and any gullies etc – rolling smooth with a double drum vibrating roller ensures perfect results every time.

Tarmac is available in various colours and finishes:

  • Black 6mm & 10mm
  • Red 6mm
  • Green 6mm
  • Blue 6mm

We would advise against adding further coloured chippings to a Tarmac driveway as they do not bond correctly with the wearing course. Over time they will become loose and cause surface degradation.

If you’re not sure if Tarmac is for you, contact our team and they’ll come to your home to help choose the right solution for your budget.

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